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G-Track Encoded Dolly

G-Track Encoded Dolly System

The G-Track-System is designed in such a way that the G-Track can be used as a base for many different applications.

In other situations, the G-Track-System will be the best base for fully computer controlled applications that allow you to control the dolly movements repeatedly and precisely, while it will also be a perfect choice for fully automated applications. Highly accurate, repeatable precision, suitable for Virtual Reality Studio use, such as news studios.
The G-Track-System consists of a high quality, small G-Track-dolly with Egripment smooth track wheels based on narrow, high speed steel track.
The low profile G-Track-Dolly accepts any remote head that can be installed with or without a riser or STARCAM STUDIO ENCODED COLUMN.
The dolly is driven by a motor unit, which is positioned at the end of the track and braced by a dynamic design with silent appearance.
The maximum speed can reach up 56 km/h | 35 mp/h.
G-Track sections are available in any track length you require.

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