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Skateboard Dolly

Skateboard Dolly

The Skateboard Dolly is Egripment's platform track dolly for quick, multi purpose and easy use.
The cooperation between Egripment's designers and our end users resulted in the Skateboard Dolly with a strong platform with anti slip surface. The Skateboard Dolly is equipped with Egripment's high quality boogie wheels and can be upgrated with a push and pull bar. A euro coupling can be mounted on several locations on the board.
The Skateboard Dolly runs straight as well as curved track.

Type:    platform
Maximum load:    250 kg
Width:    80 cm
Length  :    80 cm
Height:    cm
Weight:    16 kg
Type of wheels:    track

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Skateboard Dolly 1
Skateboard Dolly 2
Skateboard Dolly 3
Skateboard Dolly 4
Skateboard Dolly 5
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