Runs with hard rubber wheels
Runs with Egripment Boogie wheels
Runs on any kind of track
Runs on any kind of tubes or pipes
The Piccolini will take curves on hard rubber
wheels and any flat surfaces
Easy to mount any kind of camera

Art. 405: Egripment Piccolini Package

comes standard with:
- Flightcase
- Piccolini dolly frame
- 2 steering axes
- Set of hard rubber wheels
- Set of boogie wheels
- Camera connecting plate
- ¼ inch camera bolt
- 3/8 inch camera bolt
- All necessary knobs, bolts and nuts

Art. 151-P: Egripment Piccolini track

to be used on floors or tripods
- Length 1,50 m
- Piccolini track can be extended to very long
- Piccolini track can be levelled
- Piccolini track can be used on tripods


Art 405-100 100 mm adaptor for Piccolini
Art 405-150 150 mm adaptor for Piccolini
Art 405-TS Tripod studs


ART.: 405

Weight incl. hard rubber wheels:

975 gr

2.15 lbs

Weight incl. boogie wheels:

1.395 gr

3.08 lbs

Platform size:

25 x 15,5 cm

9.8 x 6.1 inch

Max Load:

10 kg

22 lbs

Width of track rail to rail:

21,5 cm

8.46 inch

All data are subject to change without notice
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