Camera Clamps & Mounts 100mm/150mm/Mitchell

Camera clamp 100mm/150 mm

Our camera clamps are designed to mount cameras on places where a tripod is not practical, such as on boats, trees, on roof edges, scaffolds etc. Our clamps are available with all types of bowls. Because of the special camera attachment on the clamp, it is ALWAYS possible to level the camera from any position. The clamps are screw-driven, increasing holding power. The 100mm clamp is designed for lightweight film or video cameras while the 150 can have more payload.


Camera mounts + truss mounts

Mounts and spidermounts for trusses, I-beams and other applications. (see photos)



Type:    Clamp 100 mm 
Maximum load:    45 kg / 99,2 lbs
Width:    24 cm / 0,8 ft
Depth:    10 cm / 0,3 ft
Weight:    3,9 kg / 8,6 lbs


Type:    Clamp 150 mm
Maximum load:    100 kg / 220,5 lbs
Width:    25 cm / 0,8 ft
Depth:    21 cm / 0,7 ft
Weight:    8 kg / 17,6 lbs

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Camera Clamp 100mm 1
Camera Clamp 100mm 2
Camera mount
Camera Clamp 150mm
Camera Clamp 150mm
Camera mount
Camera mount
Camera spider mount
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