NEW | Universal Dolly

NEW | Universal Dolly

Egripment now announces our newest dolly in our line of products. It combines the best features of all our dollies, into one “Universal” dolly that is certain to meet all of our client’s needs for a Platform size dolly.

The “Universal” Dolly utilizes a completely new method of steering, it folds into a small and lightweight package that weighs only 16.8 kg / 37 lbs, it carries a very good payload of 200 kg / 440 lbs, offers a solid camera platform, and it offers steering from the back or the front side, both 2 wheel steering and also 4 wheel steering when very tight turns are required. It can also be equipped sideboards that are flat or contain 100mm or 150mm camera bowls, and can be operated with Pneumatic Wheels, Hard Rubber Wheels, or Track Wheels. When equipped with Track Wheels it runs on standard width Track of 62 cm / 24.5” wide, straight and curved.



Egripment - 210 Universal Dolly and_Accs.png
Egripment - 210 Universal Dolly - Dolly Folded.png
Egripment - 210 Universal Dolly - side boards close.png
Egripment - 210 Universal Dolly - Dolly Folded topview.png
Egripment - 210 Universal Dolly - Top View Steering - side boards.png
Egripment - 210 Universal Dolly - TopView_with_steering.png
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