Chinese New Year Event with Egripment TDT Encoded Crane

China Central Television (CCTV) Beijing has used for their Gala Event, Broadcasting of the 2015 Chinese New Year on the 18th of February 2015, the Egripment TDT Encode Crane System in the 6 mtr Arm Reach size.

With an audience rating of almost 700 Million viewers, this Broadcasting event is certainly one of the biggest worldwide ever!

Egripment and their local partner and Dealer, Guanhua Glory AV Sys. Co. Ltd (GHG), delivered the 6 mtr TDT Encoded Crane system. Egripment supplied the complete service from superior crane calibration to the best in class Lens calibration of the provided Lens from CCTV. Egripment also established the full origin offset measurements and calculations of the crane to the Studio Coordinate System, used for the other tracked cameras. 

The custom made short back end of the crane, operated in a one-man setup, gave CCTV the ability to use a long crane arm reach between the audience seating areas without direct interference to the audience.

CCTV used Orad  HDVG Rendering Machines for the Augmented Reality Graphics. The redundant data distribution of the tracking data to multiple Render destinations of the Egripment System fulfilled the highest demands for production safety. The unique feature of sending the tracking data to different Graphics Vendor systems simultaneously also helped pre-productions of a motion capture animated “Goat”-character/avatar, created by 7D-Vision.

With object distances up the 35 mtr from the crane, tracked in the highest available tracking precision, satisfied even the highest demand from CCTV production and engineering staff.

Egripment and GHG would like to thank all involved staff in this production for the support and the achievement of this result.


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