Augmented Reality : NOS ‘over de doden’

Augmented Reality – NOS ‘over de doden’

NOS, Holland's national broadcaster choose for its NED 1 TV station's annual show >>NOS Over de doden 2012<< (about the dead) the Egripment Encoded TDT Crane Solution. The crane package delivered to the NOS consisted of an Egripment TDT crane with 306 remote head with teleprompter on 10 m Track. All axis of the setup including the 10 m Track were equipped with high resolution encoders.

The setup was used to present floating, high class graphics in HD in augmented reality together with the real-time encoded data delivered by the superior Egripment tracking interface for virtual studios and augmented reality.

The staff of Egripment Rentals delivered a one stop full service from pre-production planning, installation and precision calibration of the crane setup for augmented reality as well as onsite support during the production. Together with the partner Molden Media from Germany, Egripment Rentals delivered also the Rendering engine with onsite graphics artist onsite.

Over de Doden Video Export (4)_430.jpg
Over de Doden Video Export (2).png
Over de Doden Video Export (5)_430.jpg
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